May 26, 2015


Today I am going through the letters I have from my Dad, I counted 100. 

In an envelope postmarked 1 day before my Mother's birthday in 1980, September 26th, I found this treasure.  

In the envelope he sent three letters:

1_ A copy of a letter my Dad had received from a patient, Mr. John E. Loskot 

2_ A letter dated 9/24 that I'd written to my DAD in response to reading the Loskot letter which my Dad had previously shared with me 

3_ A letter from to me from my DAD dated 9/26/80 

I am sharing all three of them below. 


From John E. Loskot, Baker CA, 92309 - 

I am typing the letter here just as I am reading from the original document that my Dad sent me. I am making no corrections. 


Dear Mr. Arosemena.

Thank you for saving my life. 

I know the loneliness that is in your heart, that causes you to try to forget the one you have loved and lost; and drives you to long hours of dedicated work. 

For in your heart often do you ask God why. 

Like you, I have lost the one that I loved. and up to recently there was nothing left for me but my mines.  But God has changed that. After nearly a six year struggle with the U.S. Patent Office, I have been awarded a Patent on a power plant of my invention. This gives me something to work for, and the mines can supply the raw materials. 

But in my heart, and you must ask the same question, why did opportunity and success have to come after the death of the ones that we love. 

If you are ever up my way, do take the time to stop and say hello. My place is 34 north of Baker, on Hwy 127.

As to the incision it is healing rapidly. There are no problems. About a half of an inch on both ends has completely grown together. 

May I wish you success in your work and hope that you find happiness.  I know how deeply both of us feel at our losses. 

Sincerely yours,  

John E. Loskot 


Letter #2 


Dearest Father: 

What powers and effects are contained in the simplest words of man; I am referring to Mr. Loskot's letter.  I could not help it but cry and read it over two or three times. 

Maybe that letter can show you why I enjoy literature so much. There is something inside every person that compels them to be good or bad, hardworking or lazy, and it is that strangeness in man that literature attempts to get at. 

I know that the world needs scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers and laborers to forward the progress of man, but men of letters are needed to remind man that we are humans and not machines or chess pieces to be played with.

I wrote a letter to Tina Galleano asking for some general information before I write to the personnel office at Xeros.  I will let you know what comes of it all….

I am very busy with school and happy not to be working. I feel much more a student and confident of my work. Not so much pressure. I think I owe it to myself in my last year.  

Well I hope Roger gets to come and visit you and Toby. Thanks for being such a great DAD. 

I love you - Elena 


On the 27th when you go to Mother's grave take her a flower for me. I will be thinking about her very much, and about the rest of the family.  

Remember DAD we have to be strong.  

I love you - Elena 

Say hello to my Dear Toby for me. 

Letter # 3

9/26/80 - 
The note was written in Spanish, I am adding the translated text for this post. 

Dear Elena:

Gracias por tu linda carta -----

Thanks for your lovely letter ----

Una flor pondre por cada uno de ustedes en la tumba de Mama.
I will place a flower for each of you on Mother's grave.

Gracias gracias de nuevo. 

Thanks Thanks again.

El trabajo en todo su apogeo, 7 operaciones hoy. 

Work is very busy, 7 surgeries today.


And thanks to the internet, I found an abstract of the patent that Mr. Loskot refers to his his letter. 

A thermal engine employing a temperature differential to move a constant recycling fluid through a turbine. The density differential in the fluid caused by variation in temperature is used to power a turbine. The device is rotated to increase the relative difference between densities in the fluid. The engine is compactly arranged with a centrally located turbine surrounded by a heat transfer mechanism including heat transfer elements extending through the walls of the several cavities employed. A number of individual fluid cycles may be employed to increase the efficiency of the mechanism.

Inventors:Loskot; John E. (Baker, CA)
Appl. No.:06/016,836
Filed:March 2, 1979