May 24, 2015

Sunday 5:45am

When Riley woke me up today at 5:45am, I knew it was going to be windy when we ventured outside. I am getting used to waking up by the water and with my acute hearing, I could tell the winds were making their presence kown today. 

The seas woke up with an ache, the certainty of the grey skies invited the winds to intrude on Memorial weekend gatherings. The winds seemed anxious and unsettled, comfortable enough to stir the seas, but not strong enough to deter early morning boaters from venturing out on the bay. We saw traffic as early as 7am.  

I wanted a reason to stay indoors so I could finish reading the last two journals that caught me up 11/17/1986, the date of my last entry. 

I want to write about what I read and what it was like to revisit these written records of my life; I need time. I am still processing the experience.  It was interesting, emotional, surprising, sad, funny, frustrating, some questions were answered, some questions raised, all the things you can imagine. It was like watching a movie where I was the story, the director, the producer and the main character all at the same time.  

Below was the radar information available on my phone for the Destin, Fort Walton area early this morning. 


I took the opportunity offered by the cold, grey, windy skies to start my letters project. I brought a large plastic bin of letters, cards and postcards I'd saved for years and years and today I did the initial sort.  

I sorted all of them by author and made stacks. Tomorrow I am going to go through each stack and will put the letters in order of date and take them all out of the envelopes and put in folders to try and remove the creases.  There is special paper that you can preserve the letters with.  I have to find out where I can buy that archival product and figure out how I am going to preserve them.  

The pictures below are from the letters I saved from my DAD. There are 79 of them, dating from 1974 to the mid 80's. JoAnn and I are going to work on a photography, coffee table type book, that will feature the letters, certainly not all of them, but the ones that make sense to curate for the collection. 

When I read my Dad's letters tomorrow I am sure I will have some trouble with his handwriting. He wrote very fast and certainly had a very unique style. I was surprised when I counted 79 letters, the oldest one written 41 years ago. 

I did find some of my favorite correspondence items, round postcards.  I don't have many, probably 5 or 6 that I got from different people while they were traveling. 

I have lots of greeting cards with PENGUINS as I used to collect penguins long ago and many greeting cards with Peanuts characters. Those seemed to be the most popular themes. 

Interesting that as I was reading the journal entries, many times I referred to letters I had received and today I found many of those letters. 

I was surprised to find at least 10 or 15 letters from my Grandma Rodewald from Iowa, my MOM's Mother, I did not remember that I had that many.  And also a few from Uncle Kermit, my Mom's brother.  And I was very surprised I have one from Tia Beatriz, my Grandma Arosemena's sister in Panama. It was written on that thin onion skin airmail paper of long ago.