May 19, 2015

Still Waters ……

I opened the back door today right at 6am and this was my view of the world. 

Calm, still waters and silence. 

The waters ……   an open invitation.  My RSPV was immediate. Riley and I sat out there for 30 or 40 minutes. What a wonderful way to start the day.  

And to think that some people have never seen the ocean.  

I remember taking some of the Ghana children to the waters edge in Accra. I remember them being mesmerized, their saucer eyes taking in, trying to understand and comprehend the magnitude and force of this gigantic body of water they had never seen before. 

They were afraid and excited in ways that I had not witnessed before. That particular day the tide was coming in and the waves were a bit rough, there was no invitation for calm. The children were excited and fearful and extremely happy all at the same time. 

I don't remember the first time I was at the waters edge, it had to have been in Panama. My Grandpa Arosemena owned undeveloped properties on the Pacific coast in Panama and we often made day trips to enjoy the sea.  We also visited Taboga Island and Fort Amador, favorite outings during our childhood in Panama. 

At Fort Amador in the Panama Canal Zone
Tony, Elena, Roger, Mom and Toby 

One of my Grandma Chichi's favorite things to do, to get in the water. For her it was like a baptism every time. She always said that the salt water in a clean ocean could cure anything. 

And I know she meant not just visible ailments, but also the invisible wounds and scars that only the bath of a maternal sea can provide.  

The vitamin sea…… ah ! 

I got close to the steps, the water so still I saw the visitor crab.