May 11, 2015

My favorite SeLFie This Week

I love technology. 

Well……... I don't really love the technology and all the gadgets and all the applications and all the software; what I love is what I can do with it. 

And what my family and friends can do with it.  

Being able to get photos and texts and Whats App messages and videos from family and friends all over the world I enjoy very much.  I love the connection, the ability to be part of someone's day, or someone's outing at Costco, or their lazy walk at the beach, or their afternoon when they're making cup cakes all the way in Panama, or part of their holiday greeting from far away. 

My favorite photo sent via text this past Sunday is Toby and the Iguana. 

I think it's a fake iguana, but who knows, I was not able to confirm. That picture makes me smile every time I look at it.  So much to consider and imagine, what was really going on ? Looks like fun. 

TOBY @ Costco in California 

The photo below, CUP CAKE REFLECTIONS, I got long ago via a text from my niece, JoAnn. She was at a friends house in Panama and they were making cup cakes,  JoAnn having the photographer's eye that she does, took this photo standing infront of the oven door.  For many different reasons this photo makes me smile. Again many things to consider, imagine, wonder ? The invitation is certainly there. 

Baking Cup Cakes in Panama 

This is Maddie Taking a Nap. She normally does not sleep close to me, she used to when she was younger. That day sometime last winter, she was sound asleep, her paws reaching out towards me.  I somehow grabbed the phone and reached way out and recorded this tiny moment of pure love and joy. 

Maddie Taking a Nap 

This is also a favorite photo surprise that I got via text from Ghana last year.  

I got a holiday greetings text from Lilian's older sister, Belinda, and she included a photo of one of my favorite children in the world, Lilian Ampomah. Her smile is forever etched in my memory and heart.   

Lilian Ampomah ~ Ghana 

All of these photos sent via text or taken via smart phones, are records of moments that make me smile and warm my heart ! ! !