May 15, 2015

Me and The Rocket - RILEY


I am at Ana and Parker's house in Florida, taking care of Riley while they are traveling on the Adriatic Sea from Croatia to Greece.   I was here for two days before they left so Riley would not be too upset when they headed out.   Today was is her first full day without her Mom and Dad and she is not eating and not playing like her usual self. I took her to her favorite park this afternoon for a nice walk, hopefully by tomorrow she will be in better spirits.  She is a 5 lbs. Yorkie, full of energy and a huge personality. She is great company.  

I am enjoying my stay by the ocean.  I love love love that I can see the water from most any room in the house. Today the wind is blowing, gusting, the bay's character since early morning,  grey and choppy. You can see small waves cresting, some white caps, few boats.  I think tomorrow we are supposed to have rain, will see.  

The first day I was here 

I love going outside with Riley. The rush of the fresh salty air seems extra healthy.  Riley and I love to sit on the steps by the water and listen and watch. It's a sound and rhythm and energy that I will never ever tire of.   All of the neighbors on the water side are all traveling, except for Johnny Pope, three houses down, so it is very very quiet and I love it. 

Since Ana and Parker left at 3pm yesterday, I've read three of my journals.  Each one has taken 2 or 3 hours to read. And it's been interesting in some many ways.  Some of the details are very specific to people, places, food, weather, school assignments, travel plans, teachers and friends.  I was on the track and tennis team for 3 years in high school and I document lots of information about the school matches, scores, who we beat, how fast my team ran the 440 relay -  Bagsby, Arosemena, Hanson & Mann - sounds like the names of a law firm.  That was the running sequence of the relay team. 

Many details I'd forgotten about or certainly had not thought of for years and years.  Sometimes it's like watching a silent movie in my head where I am in the audience and in the movie at the same time. Some of the entries have been funny, some very very sad, certainly there are themes of how much I love my family, themes of significant introspection, I am always wondering, pondering, challenging, asking myself questions.   I make references to music, bands, concerts, books, movies, TV, shows; I document sporadically what I eat during the day.  The 3 or 4 written during my high school years have 77 RULES on many of the pages. And always count downs to summer vacations, trips, weekend when Ana and Roger we coming home for the weekend from college. I was always tracking something. 

My objective for the next day or two, get through all of them and then go back and read them and make notes and/or identify entries I want to keep and share or use in another project.  I have enjoyed all the entries that are not written: pictures, cards, photographs, random drawings that I added to the journals throughout the years.