May 20, 2015

Fwd: MICHELANGELO ! and Palm Trees

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One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Michelangelo. I have it hanging on one of the walls of my office at home. I AM STILL LEARNING.

During my extended stay in Florida I've learned a new term, a new descriptor: volunteer palms.

I heard this term yesterday for the first time, and I love everything about the two words, the description, and what I understand a volunteer palm to be, a palm that seeds itself. A palm that volunteers to share part of itself and become another palm. I am sure many conditions and variables have to manifest themselves in nature for this to happen, and how wonderful ! ! !

 My friend Alfredo told me about a place in Mexico, south of Acapulco on the Pacific Coast, where there is a palm forest. What he described seemed almost make believe, a forest of palms, he said thousands of palms, undisturbed, near the sea shore. My assumption is that those palms must be a multitude of volunteers. I wish I was better a remember names, I will have to ask Alfredo so I can research if Google Earth has pictures. If I find, I will share.

I am sure it is way more complicated than a seed dropping and a new palm growing, some palms I am sure are better at being volunteers than others. For me the term is arborist poetry. As soon as I heard the words spoken, my immediate thought, that description needs to be in a poem.

 I love palms, all kinds of palms. We grew up with palms in your front yard in Panama at our house in Altos del Golf. And certainly anytime I've been by the ocean, palms have been somewhere in the equation. I have a favorite palm that I have to visit every-time I go to Panama, I call it the SUNRISE PALM, it's in the Obarrio area of Panama, close to Samuel Lewis Boulevard. If I had access to my desktop, I could post a picture of it. I am typing this update via my iPad.

 I was not aware that there are some many types of palms.... Sabal, Palmetto, Sago, Travellers, Majestic, Indian Date and on and on. And all of these have corresponding latin names, like Livistona Australis, Cycas Revoluta, Cocos Nucifera. There are actually 202 know palm genera and over 2000 species. They vary in some many areas: like the trunk, is it solitary or multi-trunk, the leaf structure, the tolerance of the palm for conditions like drought, wind, and salt - and on and on.

 So much to know, so much to learn, the botanical family name for palms is Arecaceae !

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