May 27, 2015

Band Aids and Can Openers


I'm at the 1/2 mark in my house sitting visit at Ana and Parker's in Florida. Everything has been going well, Riley is doing great, haven't had any problems or issues until yesterday.  

I was cutting an avocado like I always do, after cutting the avocado in half, I  remove the seed by taking the knife and striking the seed with enough force that the knife will dig into the seed. If all goes well the seed sticks to the edge of the blade and it can be easily removed. 

I am sure everyone reading this update has done this at some point in their cooking prep.  Except yesterday when I did this, the edge of the knife did not quite make it into the avocado seed, the blade slipped off the seed and landed on the my middle finger on my left hand.  And the cut was lets just say: deep and it hurt. 

It was one of those physical movements that takes milliseconds and as soon as I felt the cut I knew it was bad and there was blood everywhere. I immediately got some paper towel and tightly wrapped it around my throbbing finger and off I went in search of BAND-AIDS. I know where the Band Aids are in my house so I figured Ana had some in the same place. I have them in the kitchen on the third shelf up high, in the same cabinet where I keep spices like onion and garlic power, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.  

I looked and looked and I could not find any in Ana's cabinet where she keeps her spices, so off to bathroom I went in the master bedroom and everywhere I looked, no Band Aids. I kept going back to the kitchen to get additional clean paper towel and rewrapping my finger, applying pressure and all that jazz. I figured at some point I would find the Band Aids and I did.  I was so upset that I'd cut my finger I forgot I had my own supply of Band Aids in the travel bag I take with me everywhere. 

I've always questioned my capacity to be a first responder. Certainly a cut finger is not a big deal, but there was lots and lots of blood, so I did not go calmly in search of the Band Aids. I hope there is not a next time anytime soon, certainly this tiny episode is a reminder to slow down and be careful with knives and especially sharp ones. 

My other in search of experience the day before, looking for the can opener. 
I've been to Ana's house many times, helped in the kitchen with meals, washing dishes, putting dishes away, so I figured I knew where most everything is, pots, pans, utensils, towels, trash bags, and the can opener.  

I know you are going to immediately spot the can opener in the photo below, it took me three times to find it.  I had several drawers to look in, similar to this one and for some reason, the can opener did not register. Riley was trying to help me, she followed me around the kitchen island as I opened all the drawers two and three times. 

When I was looking for the can opener and could not find, I remembered how Ceci opens cans in Ghana and I thought, NO, I should not be opening a can of tuna with a sharp knife. I've seen Ceci do this many many times and the knife never slips. Renee even brought her a hand held can opener and she prefers to use her special knife. 

Based on my avocado seed experience yesterday I am glad I took my own advice and did not attempt that version of opening a can.  While I appreciate the use of a sharp knife, I grew up with them all my life, (because of my DAD), I certainly need to continue to be careful. 

So where are the Band Aids in your house ? And do you take some with you whenever you travel ? When you least expect it, you may need one or two.