Apr 8, 2015

Wednesday in Arizona

This morning it's in the mid 40's in Cottonwood, slightly cooler than normal temperatures. The day is bright, sunny, crisp. I've was out on the patio with Missy, I think she's expecting the cows to come back.

Marilyn and I have a full day of activities. I am taking her to a dental appointment and then we are having lunch with her friends, Beth and JoAnn. (mother and daughter). In the afternoon, we are working on a few projects in the house. She had a water heater replaced recently and a huge closet had to be emptied of all its contents, I am helping her put all the items back in order in the closet.

Marilyn does not miss anything. Yesterday when we were out running errands a lady whispered to me, something about "how nice it was that I was helping my Mother". Later in the car as we were heading home, Marilyn said to me, "I could be your Mother." And we both smiled - ! ! !

At the restaurant that we went to for dinner, The Cottonwood Tavern, Marilyn was treated like a celebrity. Everyone in the restaurant knew her, many came over to the table to say hello. And as soon as we walked in, Marilyn's special table was ready and waiting for us. We went around 4pm, more patrons were at the bar drinking at that time, than eating. It was a nice way to finish our errands in Cottonwood.

After dinner we cheered on the Notre Dame team in the Women's NCAA Basketball finals. UCONN was a better team and they won their 10th title.

I love being in a different environment, being a part of the daily life of another person. And the fact that its Marilyn's 87 years of LIFE.......... WOW - the time with her is wonderful and enjoyable. We've had so many interesting conversations about life, God, politics, guns, macaroni & cheese, Iowa, Panama, Mayo, technology, friends, family, solar panels, dogs, you name it........ we've gone all over the topics map.

And certainly the perspective, wisdom and capacity of living 87 years ..... I am trying to take it all in as much as I can while I am here. There are lessons and there are mysteries. There is so much about living long that is practical and routine. And certainly so much of who we are and how we manage in life is about the decisions and choices we make along the way, each and everyday.