Apr 16, 2015

Thursday in New York City

Well really BROOKLYN ! !

Ah.... thanks again to the WRIGHT BROTHERS and the marvels of flight.......we made it to NYC. Cindy and I are visiting JoAnn in Brooklyn. It was so good to see JOANN yesterday afternoon. We met her a her dorm on Willoughby Ave and then headed to Yashimoro for SUSHI.

Cindy and I walked several blocks around the Airbnb apartment we rented, everyone in Brooklyn very friendly. It was a sunny, warm, and breezy afternoon, just perfect. And everyone to and fro, the street sidewalks busy with children going home from PS 11 right down the street, each of the major intersection crossings under the management of a uniformed crossing guard.

Today we are taking the A or C train to the 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan. I am sure it will be an adventure in many ways. From others who've been, I also understand the Memorial is extremely emotional. I will provide update later today.

Tonight Cindy and I are making dinner for JoAnn. We are going back to the Waverly Gourmet Market @ 367 Waverly and getting the dinner fixings. I was surprised yesterday at how much "grocery store" they can pack in such a small place. The aisles are very narrow and very tall, the grocery store has most everything.

Yesterday I had to completely restore my iPad - it was disabled, not sure how. Normally it is disabled when you try to gain access and key in the incorrect passcode, that did not happen.

SO......... when the device is disabled - you have to restore via iTunes. And since I had not synched or backed up to iTunes or the Apple Cloud - I had to restore as if the iPad is brand new. And I lost most everything AHHHHH just a tiny bit painful - oh well.

I guess I will be turning on or utilizing the CLOUD going forward and everything on all my Apple devices will be saved and accessible via the cloud.

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