Apr 12, 2015

Sunday Morning ~

It is early morning in Austin, everything at the Tiny House nation is going well. Pandora is not playing Frank Sinatra today, I am trying out random selections and listening to music I am not familiar with. Somewhere along the line I stopped being in touch with the music world, really a long time ago. So I settled with a station that has selections from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, more my speed.

Austin sure is an interesting city. There is so much going on here all the time. The population is young, about 70% of the people living here are under the age of 45. I am in the east side of town, close to downtown, lots of food trucks, murals, not too many high rise buildings. I see lots of people out walking, riding bikes. I know I could come back and explore and explore.

The lady that rents the Tiny House, also rents the house on the property. Yesterday I met 8 young guys (late 20's young) from Dallas, who are in Austin for the MOTO Grand Prix of The Americas. They were all friends, the group international, from India, Mexico, Bolivia, Holland and US. In April a few of the other Austin events. International Poetry Festival, Fashion Week, Reggae Fest to name a few.

If the weather holds out and the rain does not come as forecasted, we're going on a tour of four local area organic farms. This event happens once a year and benefits the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. My understanding, you get to tour the farms and also enjoy a tasting of food and appetizers prepared with produce, vegetables and fruit from each of the farms. Should be interesting and wholesome !