Apr 10, 2015

Friday in Transition

I am in Phoenix, sitting in a loud, crowded Starbucks - the line is moving, but its very crowded, probably 20 or 25 people queuing to place their order.

There's an elevator music track in the background, a very loud trumpet or sax solo, it's like I'm on a movie set. People are moving to and fro and all representations of humanity are here. The families trying to stay together, the solo travelers like me moving along, the crisp business travelers, the senior couple in the corner and always an interesting lady in 5 inch heels, the one in this movie set has a bright pink carry one and lots of gold bracelets on her right forearm.

Marilyn in true fashion, woke me up at 5:30am, she wanted to be sure I was awake. We had coffee, we visited for 10 or 15 minutes, I got to give kisses to Missy and I was on my way from Cottonwood to Phoenix around 6:15am. The sun was up, the sky " a welcome orange glow" in the distance. They don't have daylight savings in Arizona - I was glad it wasn't dark when I left. The drive 110 miles or so, easy, not much traffic until I got to Phoenix proper.

Not sure why, but at every airport ENTRY security check point, both here and in Atlanta, the TSA or DEA or ATF, or maybe Customs, had canine agents sniffing all the travelers. Today it was a tall, friendly, black Lab, wagging it's tail like the dog knew it was Friday. In Atlanta the canine agent was a tall greyhound type dog. I think it was a Wimer Rimer, I have not idea if that is the correct spelling.

It was tough to leave Marilyn today.

We settled in with each other like we had always shared her house on North Yucca. She is amazing. I can only hope and pray that I will be like Marilyn when I am 87. She is present in every moment of her life, very much in control. I floated tiny hints along the way of my visit, of her considering support a few hours a day, someone to drive her to all her appointments, lunches, etc. She said NO. Not emphatically, but it was a NO.

She has a few projects that I can help her with around the house, I told her I would come back. I know my MOM is smiling in heaven. I know she is happy that I am able to visit Marilyn and help her where possible. Certainly my visit with Marilyn is a significant life lesson and life guidance. I am 30 years from 87. In 30 years so much can happen. I hope to make the most of all the days I have left on this earth.

Marilyn has never sat around feeling sorry for herself. After her husband John, died, she continued to LIVE her life. She battled breast cancer, she completed 25 years with IDS, now Ameriprise. She has helped many people along the way, she is very interested in all that is GOOD about this great country, and she is not afraid to challenge or question ! ! Even at the Verizon store yesterday, we had a lively discussion about her consideration in upgrading to a Smart Phone. And when she was paying her taxes at the CPA office, oh well, we won't go there.

As I drove away from her house earlier today, I said out loud - GOD BLESS MARILYN.