Apr 18, 2015

Friday in Brooklyn ~

 Bike Tour 

Yesterday we got to tour Brooklyn for four hours on bikes.  Brooklyn is very flat so the riding was mostly slow paced and easy. The day was perfect. It started out a tiny bit wet, rain had just passed over the area.  We had to wear ponchos for the first hour and then it warmed up and it was perfect. It was not too hot or too cold.  

We had 10 people in the group and our 22 year old guide, Nick. Our group was international, we had Kaled from Lebanon, Karolyn from Canada, Stewart from Australia, JoAnn from Panama, Iresma and Armando from Mexico, Cindy and Elena from Atlanta and Nick and Marie from Virginia.  

We rode for about 3 hours, with three or four stops. We had lunch at BEST PIZZA and afternoon pick me up coffee at the waters edge, at the Brooklyn Roasting Company.  This place is very cool ! ! It used to be a pillow factory  ~ 

Brooklyn is extremely bike friendly, bike path's everywhere. We had 1 or 2 close calls, but overall the ride was safe and comfortable. It was a great way to see many different areas of Brooklyn, many of the parks and all the outdoor space by the East River. We also got to ride the East River Ferry at the end - it was a great day.  And our guide Nick was fun, informative, very friendly - he did a great job.  We were all connected via a earpiece and push to talk mike if we needed to get the guides attention.  

The place were the ride starts, 449 Broadway, is next to a taco food truck. The man making the tacos was from Dallas. We shared a breakfast taco and coffee. The taco was made of corn tortillas, a wonderful egg scramble with cheese and onions and a surprise in the tacos, tortilla chips !  He had a homemade green sauce that was OH SO GOOD ! ! ! 

We got back to 103 St. James Place around 5pm and rested a bit before heading out on the G train to Fort Greene to have pizza at  Paulie Gee's on Greenpoint Ave. 

JoAnn had the Cherry Jones Pizza and it was amazing. The ingredients a combination of sweet and savory that worked extremely well.  Fresh Mozzarella, Gorgonzola Cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, Dried Bing Cherries and Orange Blossom Honey.  And the real Paulie Gee was working the tables last night. He looks like a younger Paul Simon and made everyone feel like you were a guest at his home.  It was a great way to end the day.