Apr 5, 2015

Easter Sunday in Arizona

I made it to Arizona.

I had my favorite kind of flight, uneventful. I have to say the Southwest experience was extremely pleasant. The gate agents and the crew were so much more relaxed and friendly than my experience with the Delta flights in the recent past. The flight had 50 open seats, it was a quiet 4 hour ride.

Marilyn and I have been visiting all afternoon. I feel right at home. I even took a mini nap on the sofa while Marilyn watched the women's NCAA Basketball semi-finals. Marilyn has a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel, Missy, and we've become fast friends. She loves tummy rubs just like Morgan. And she inhales her food like Morgan. I will post a photo, she is a sweet girl.

Tomorrow we are going to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. Marilyn has some medical appointments, yearly check-up types.

I continue to be amazed by Marilyn. She is 87, she drives a Crown Victoria, she has a PC, a cell phone, she uses a walker in the house and gets around quite well. Her mind is sharp. I've asked her many questions since my arrival and she remembers everything. She does not like our current president, those discussions have been interesting.

I forgot that she is a pilot. Her and her husband, John, used to own a Cessna plane and flew it when they lived in CA, in Bakersfield. She grew up in Prairie, Iowa.

I love when you can be with someone that you've known most of your life and you can quickly settle into comfortable silences. She had a huge stack of mail that she worked on while she watched the game.

The desert is nice, it was warm today, but not hot. There was a breeze all afternoon, it was actually cool when we stepped out a bit for dinner. We went to Nate's Cowboy Cafe.

I know this may not make sense, I fee safe with Marilyn. And maybe safe is not the best description of what I mean. I will think about this and try to explain in a later post.

I am tired and going to bed. On my Atlanta time clock it is way past my bedtime, 11pm.