Apr 3, 2015

Down Memory Lane thanks to Google

Somewhere in Cottonwood, Arizona 

I love technology, I know enough to get myself in trouble most of the time. 

Thanks to the Google street view, I took a screen shot of Marilyn's home. This is where I will be around 1pm on Sunday afternoon, Cottonwood, Arizona. 

Then I decided to see all the places I lived at during my childhood, that Marilyn would remember.  And thanks to Google, the properties are all online. 

First house in Barstow ~ 1970

This is where we first lived when we moved from Barstow to Panama. The tree in the front yard was not this big. You could actually see the 2nd story. This is the house where we got our 1st swimming pool and our MOM let us swim in early November, when the pool was completed. And yes it was cold. 

One of my most favorite childhood memories.  It was the shortest time I ever spent swimming, but we were all so happy to be able to get in the new pool and go down the new slide. We indeed had one of the coolest MOM's in the world. We moved in the summer of 1970 and the pool was put in the same year. It was awesome ! !  Below is a picture of Carlos and Elena splashing in the pool. 

Elena & Carlos 

Below is the current Google picture of the 2nd house we lived in. My DAD lived  in this house until 1996 when he retired and moved back to Panama. Interesting that both houses today, have residents with pick up trucks.  Certainly the Google camera crew that comes out to film the video of the street views does not provide advance notice, so what is in the yard is what gets in the photo. 

This second house, we moved into in 1972, the summer that our MOM had her first cancer surgery. She never really got to enjoy this house very much.  

And for the record, the planters in the front, when we lived there had nice flower beds, roses, I remember. My DAD took very good care of the garden, he loved being outside when he had time. 

2nd house in Barstow - 1972 


And even though Marylin did not visit this house, I have a picture of the house we lived in when I was born in the Panama Canal Zone. 
0203 - A Herrick Road, Canal Zone, Panama.