Mar 22, 2015

Sunday and Next Week ~

Sometimes I wish I could dictate my updates. Many times I think about what I want to write, I consider ideas, thoughts, photos, quotes and then I never make it up to the office to actually type. 

I have so many things going on and I LOVE that everyday is filled with plans, ideas, appointments, Maddie and Morgan time, hammock time (coming soon) reading,  movies, groceries, cooking and even laundry, dishes, etc. 

So here is a list for next week, I wont detail everything, but you will get the idea of a typical week for Elena: 

HOA ~ Get quote from Tree Removal Company 

HOA ~ Bank Deposit, reconcile 2015 dues payments 

HOA ~ confirm closing of property in neighborhood 

Lunch with friend from Cox 

Noodle Bar outing with Carlos 

Dekalb County Jury Duty 

Medical Appointments 

High Museum Outing 

Update property owners on land listing in Barstow 

Rent car for travel plans in April 

Update Mawuvio's Budget Forecast 

Follow up with Roger on Panama stuff I am working on 

Plan for Brooklyn visit in April 

Pick up CDs at Nostalgic Media 

Read, read, read ! 

Maddie and Morgan daily walk or play time deepening on weather 

Mail Easter Cards from Maddie and Morgan 

Check in with store where I consigned a few items 

Visit the Foundation Center office in Atlanta, get familiar with their 
website and all the materials and resources they provide non profits 

Have quiet time with Maddie and Morgan every morning during cappuccino 

Plan for patio project on Saturday, can you say PRESSURE WASH !  

Reseach upgrade to iPhone Six 

Watch a movie, I am waiting for WILD and/or BIRDMAN to be available on Xfinity on Demand 

Visit Buford Hwy Farmers Market for Spinach Shakes ingredients - especially fresh ginger, fresh mint and delicious pineapple

I am sure there are a few things I am forgetting, but those are the items on my calendar for next week.  

And in between many of those activities, I always plan time for doing nothing, naps or sitting outside with Maddie and Morgan and tossing the tennis ball to the girls.