Mar 30, 2015

Blue Zones & Sushi Recommendations


I don't watch much TV, so I usually don't have recommendations or favorite shows. I do love travel shows, well some travel shows and CNN has two that I keep up with.  Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and the new show with Bill Weir, The Wonder List.  

Two or three weeks ago CNN aired a Bill Weir segment, the destination the Greek Island of Ikaria, known as one of the Blue Zones, where people forget to die. I've watched the show twice; the life experiences and life lessons shared by the locals on the island certainly is worth considering and adopting where possible.  I know we all can't live on a rugged island in the middle of the Aegean sea, but we can certainly incorporate and practice most of what these blue zone citizens of the world live daily. For the Blue Zone TED TALK, click on the link below.  

And then there is JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI. This is a documentary, about 90 minutes long and it's about much more than Sushi.  Jiro is 85 years old when the documentary is filmed in 2011, he is the owner and master sushi chef of a 10 seat restaurant in the basement of an office building in Tokyo Japan.  

There are many differing perspectives and reviews about this 3 Star Michelin establishment, the movie is certainly about much more. The pace of the film is slow, the subtitles don't stay on the screen very long, so you have to pay attention. In addition to having a front and back row seat to JIROS restaurant, with the film you learn about the Japanese culture, family, legacy, discipline, dreams lived, dreams shattered, passion for quality, passion for simplicity, and passion for routine and perfection. 

Certainly the movie highlights one man's version of life.  

At the same time much like the centenarians in the Blue Zones, the rhythms and cadence of their daily routines, the focus on responsibility, the focus on purpose, on health, on keeping life simple, all of these aspects appear to keep them going strong.