Mar 17, 2015

Almost 25,000

# of times my reviews on tripadvisor have been read

I am almost at 25,000 - according to tripadvisor, 24,243 people have read my reviews posted on their site.  

Horray for all the tripadvisor contributors all over the world. Even though I check other sites, tripadvisor continues to be my GO TO source of information and research on travel plans, restaurant reviews, and overall activities and attractions recommended in cities all over the world. 

Today is Tuesday, Tuesday March 17th, 2015. Many people are celebrating St. Patricks Day - lots of green beer and corned beef and cabbage being consumed by people who celebrate the tradition. 

I think Savannah and Chicago are the two cities in US that have the largest parades, or should I say parties. My friends, Jim and Gail Keenan from Vista, CA - were in Chicago on Saturday and took pictures as the river was being dyed for the festivities. An annual tradition in that wonderful City.  


My St Patrick's dinner tonight, hearts of romaine with tuna salad.  And my tuna salad sports raisins. I make it as crunchy as possible with finely chopped celery and radishes and lots of fresh ground cracked pepper; the raisins add a tiny taste of sweet and it is HMMM HMMMM GOOD.  

Today it was 80* for the HIGH in Atlanta; a wonderful, sunny, warm, breezy, awesome day. Maddie and Morgan spent a few hours outside. Before the sun goes down Cindy and I will take them for a "proper" walk. Everywhere on the local news the warnings and predictions have started for a "get ready" for a horrible pollen season.  Some of the trees are already in full blooms. Not sure when exactly it all kicks into gear, will be ready.  I do love this time of year. SPRING is wonderful for some many reasons ! ! ! 

I love days like today. I visited friends, went grocery shopping, read, enjoyed time with Maddie and Morgan on the patio, did research for on grant writing at the Foundation Center website, wrote a few emails to friends I've not been in touch with for a bit, some in Atlanta, some in other parts of the country.  

I love having time, I love having time to enjoy the warmth outside, or to throw the tennis ball with Morgan 30 + times until she gets tired. (Maddie always supervises) - or time to do nothing. NAPS ! ! !  

Tonight I have a SKYPE session scheduled with Little Roger in Panama. And for the record, he is now 18; the "Little Roger" descriptive will probably stick with him for life.  

He and his step-brother, Juan Carlos, are now both Seniors in high school in Panama.  And I can remember when he was a baby.  Grandpa Rogelio loved all the time he spent with Little Roger and JoAnn. 

Rogelio A. Arosemena IV