Mar 5, 2015

75 / 35 @ 5:25pm ~

Yesterday at this time I was in the backyard with Maddie and Morgan enjoying a warm 75* afternoon.  It was so nice yesterday, both of them got impromptu baths.  Once I towel dried them as best as I could, we played outside on the patio for 30 - 40 minutes so they could be in the sun ! and continue to dry off. 

Today I am back in my ninja winter warrior outfit, and the girls are having only "quick excursions" to the backyard. It's been cold, rainy and windy all day.  The temperate right now at 5:25pm is 35* and dropping. Saturday we are supposed to get back to the 60*. I know it is much worse in other parts of the country.  Spring let us know you're on the way ! 


~ Happy Birthday Mr. Ando ~ 

Thanks to Google, ramen noodles are on my mind today.  I had no idea who invented the noodles, today I know. March 5th marks the 105th birthday of instant noodles inventor, creator, MOMOFUKU ANDO. I love his name ! 

I used to be a huge fan of ramen noodles, in the days of my youth when reading food labels was not part of my shopping habits. And anything that I could cook in 3 minutes, drain,  and then add butter and parmesan cheese, well that was a dish created just for me.  I ate may share of these noodles in college and I loved and enjoyed every single serving I consumed.  

I was happy to learn that in Ghana, ramen noodles are a big staple, at least for the people I know and stay with. Stefan, Ceci's grandson, at the Kissemah compound, he loves ramen noodles. In Ghana they call the noodles, INDOMIE.  

One of the kids favorites, Indomie and scrambled eggs with a hint of scallions. 

Several times during my visits, I've enjoyed Indomie in Ceci's kitchen, with the secret red sauce she makes everyday. 

Stefan, I am thinking of you. I know you are now living in Amsterdam with your Dad. I hope to talk to you one day soon. 

Stefan  - March 2014