Feb 3, 2015


Some days - the frustration cup - runneth over. Today was that day. The power came back on around 8pm last night and by 11am this morning it was OUT again. I have WIFI because the generator is running and the network is up. I am typing as fast as I can.

Today I saw Daniel ! ! ! He was passing by the school office, with his bicycle and all his Daniel attire. We had a very nice visit. I hope to see him again before I leave. Ceci says he is at the Kissemah outdoor market most everyday.

I taught Class 1 in Kissemah today, Dora, Mark, Emmanuela and Tawfika. In the morning hours we did English and Math ~ after lunch we did Environmental Studies and RME - Religious and Moral Education. After lunch they all faded fast, it was hard to keep them all focused on their work. It is always a learning experience, getting to know their quirks, their movements in the classroom, how fast they engage, and the fine balance between the teaching and them being children. Lawrenda is always close by and helps out if I get stuck.

The compound kids, the older ones told me that a dog bit and spoiled their soccer ball yesterday. I told them I would try and get them a replacement ball before I leave. Speaking of soccer, the Black Stars are in the AFrican Cup Semi -Finals on Thursday, against Equatorial Guinea. I think the other two teams are Congo and Ivory Coast. Ghana plays on Thursday, if they win, the championship match is on Sunday. Thursday will be a huge day in Ghana.

I will get this post on VIP and type more in my room and hopefully post tomorrow.