Feb 2, 2015

Sunday Six Thirty PM ~

We are running on the generator for power on Monday morning, I am posting my update from Sunday evening. Happy Monday !


I am typing this update in the volunteer quarters in the Kissemah compound. It is almost completely dark outside, we have a 98 % full moon and we are in Lights Out yet again.

Today we had electricity up until about 4:30pm, it was half time during the Ghana Black Stars soccer match. You can bet the generators all over were started right away so people could continue watching the game. Ghana won 3-0, and everyone is very happy this early evening.

I was taking a break in my room when the game first started and I could track the Ghana goals as the village wide cheers would go up in the air. A few people had the horns that make that awful sound, they were also part of the loud and joyous celebration. Ben or Kwame will provide update tomorrow on who Ghana is playing next and when. The African Cup is in the second round.

I had internet access for a bit this morning. I sent out a few emails, and was looking forward to the replies. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Today I had a small conversation with Godsway, my 3 year old friend at the compound. Ceci helped me. He had his shoes on comfortably backwards and I talked to him about changing and wearing them each on the correct foot. At dinner time tonight, he and his older sister and his cousins, 5 of them all together, ate outside of my door, they live next door - I sat out there with them for a bit, each one with their large plastic bowl, they were eating rice with red sauce. I think they had hot dogs cut up in the rice, or at least that's what the meat looked like. When Godsway was finished, he picked up a bag of Pure water and turned it into a water pistol. He went about squirting all the children - he is such a card. He continues to give me HIGH FIVES and continues to call me HEEEEE - LEN. I have a photo of him today, I will post.

I went to the Accra Mall with Kwame and Lawrenda around 1:30pm to get some items for the school. It was busy. I saw people from India, Eastern Europeans, Lebanese, French, Americans and of course Ghanians. The two stores that anchor the mall, Game and Shop-rite have most everything. I looked everywhere for HACKS, the wonderful cough drops from England that I've bought in Ghana and they're nowhere to be found. Maybe they stopped importing them. I have two other places I can check tomorrow. I was able to use my VISA card. After they ran card in the handheld terminal, the lady turned it around and asked for my PIN. I keyed in the pin I set up with Visa yesterday, crossed my fingers and the transaction cleared.

I had my favorite treat in Ghana today. I usually limit myself to one and today was the day. On the way home from the mall at one of the large intersections, I knew the ladies would be there selling the fresh plantain chips. I had the brown ones, plantains that are ripe. They were delicious. They are packaged in clear plastic bags, the serving size is probably 1 cup and 1/2 of chips, maybe a bit more. The only thing missing was a cold cold CLUB beer. I love the plantain chips, they remind me so much of Panama and my childhood.

I was able to complete the school files project and also the documentation for the National Health Insurance cards. I got all the trash to Ceci today, she will burn tomorrow. All the school items I am taking to Ayikumah are packed and ready to go in the office and also my room. Tomorrow I have to go to a vendor at the junction road to make copies of some documents I am taking home. And I will help Lawrenda with Teacher Abigail's class. Kwame and Innocent will head back to Tema early in the morning and will see how we fare with clearing the container tomorrow. It will happen either Monday or Tuesday.

Ceci did my laundry today. The hot Ghana sun dries the items on the line in no time.

Kissemah Village is still in celebration mode. I can hear loud radios and/or music in the distance. People voices filling the air and the sound carries. I have acute hearing capabilities, my brain transmitters pick up on most sounds.

If the network is back up tomorrow I will post this update.
Hope all is going well and that the Seahawks prevailed in the Super Bowl.