Feb 23, 2015


~ Kimberly, Elena, Debbie and Mona ~ 

Last night I had dinner at my friend, Debbie's, in Roswell, GA. It was a special dinner because our dear friend, Mona, from CA, was visiting Atlanta. And the three of us during our careers at Cox worked with our dear friend, Kimberly, and she also joined us for dinner. 

So we all got together and I of course had to do the math. Between these three amazing ladies, my life has experienced 73 years of wonderful, caring, fun, crazy, sometimes not so fun, years of friendship. 

Debbie I met at Times Mirror Cable in Escondido, CA in 1982, Mona at Times Mirror Cable in San Juan Capistrano in 1989 and Kimberly at Cox Communications in Atlanta, GA in 1996. 

Because our jobs at some point or another were on the same team, working on the same projects and some were big company wide national projects for Cox, we spent a great deal of time together. Time in call centers, in hotels, rental cars and airports. I am sure between the four of us we exchanged thousand of emails over the years in our different work roles.  

Over my lifetime I've been able to know and experience wonderful friendships. 

My oldest, dearest friend, Angelica Patterson, from Panama. She was tragically killed in 1993 in an airplane accident, a flight from Panama to Colombia. I knew Angelica when I was 9, 10, 11 years old. I can close my eyes today and see her beautiful smile. So many wonderful memories, during my childhood years in Panama. 

Pat Jimenez I know from, 1970 when we were in 6th grade at Crestline Elementary in Barstow. CA.  I had the joy of getting together with Pat last November when I was in CA visiting Tobias.  During junior high and high school, Pat and I became dear friends with Debbie Valdez and Donna Hanson. We all came from different backgrounds, we did different things when we graduated from John F. Kennedy High in 1977, yet the friendships continue to be part of our lives. We all miss Donna who died in 1994. 

Over the years my life has been enriched by a wonderful and amazing fabric of friendships. A fabric that threads connections and bonds that will continue for years to come. 

I've learned so much from friends.  I've been challenged, I've been supported. I've experienced perspectives, ideas, cultures, feasts, laughter, awe, wonder, complexity, respect, invitations of silence, exact dosages of optimism when they were desperately needed. Words of courage shared, simple prayers spoken providing light in the darkest of moments. The adventures, the discovery, the travels, the lessons in flexibility and patience.  The meaningful fun. So many lessons, all good ! 

And how does that happen? 

How does a smile or a simple gesture of care or kindness, or offering a helping hand or support, how does a collection of moments and days, become 73 years of friendships ?

As the quote says above, there is truly a "precise moment" when the heart runs over and the friendship is formed.  I am grateful for all my friends ! 

Thanks for the all the "precise moments" that have blossomed and grown into the bond and connection of our friendship.