Feb 1, 2015

Saturday Night - Shy of 8pm.

I had my village shower, we are back to the buckets as the tap has been dry for 2 days. Ceci still conserves water in big blue plastic shipping barrels. It's almost a full moon tonight, always make the shower more enjoyable.

Today I had some quiet time, it was nice.

I was in the office for a few hours. We have to transfer some of the school files to Aiykumah in preparation for the GES certification visit. I got everything ready for Kwame.

I also went to the main junction road with Teacher Lawrenda to exchange the phone charger she got for me yesterday. I paid 5 Ghana Cedi for the device, I used it once and today it would not work. The man at the store, who told me he was Lawrenda's friend, did not want to give me a replacement. He said, "we don't do things like that here and that I should complain to the President." - I explained that I had not used the charger during any of the Lights Off, Lights On moments - and that I got a faulty device. Then he blamed it on China and wanted to up sell me a better model for 15 Ghana Cedi - or $5 US Dollars.

I pressed my case - Lawrenda said a few things to him and Ewe - he finally gave me a replacement and said he only did it because Lawrenda is his friend. Lawrenda said that because I'm white, he immediately assumes I have $$. And he wanted to up sell me without giving me credit for the one I bought. Always something.

I will repeat what I tell most people back home, Ghana is not for everyone. If you are easily frustrated, if you expect order, structure, if you are bothered by dust, if you don't like to be surrounded by people who are speaking a different language, if you don't want to be the only obruni most places you go, if you don't like chicken and rice, Ghana is not for you. Even if you stay in a hotel, Ghana can be challenging.

I told Ceci tonight how much I appreciate her wonderful care and hospitality. We went to see Teacher Abigail and her new baby girl is absolutely beautiful, she looks just like Abigail. Both Mom and daughter are doing well. Abigail provided some of the hospital details. She gave birth at Achimota, a government run hospital, about 10 minutes from Kissemah. She said "plenty babies were being born on Thursday."

For dinner today, Ceci made PALA fish. It was delicious. Almost like a swordfish type texture, but sweeter in taste. Along with the fish I had boiled yam or yucca, Ceci's secret red sauce, and also the vegetable medley she always makes with cabbage, carrots and string beans. She blanches them perfect, they are always al dente.

I called Stefan in Amsterdam. He is doing well. He has been there since December 20th. I plan to SKYPE with him when I am back in Atlanta. He is now 14 years old. I miss him at the compound.

Tomorrow by 9am the entire compound will be silent. Everyone heads to church by that time. Most return after 1pm and then have lunch outside. So lots of Mom's and the children will be out in the afternoon.

And late in the afternoon, Ghana plays a soccer match, the chorus of cheers if Ghana scores will be heard throughout the village. If they win, there is excitement all over, people talking, screaming, hugging, dancing, it is like carnival. If they lose, it is quiet, very quiet for some time.

I think the Super Bowl is also tomorrow. I am rooting for Seattle !

Whenever I have internet, I will post.