Feb 16, 2015

Random Thoughts on Monday

It's Monday.  

It's a holiday and it's supposed to snow in Atlanta today.  

I am counting the days until Daylight Savings, the weekend of March 7th.  I like March for many reasons and the time change is certainly one of them. This week I am getting back on track. I am working on Winterhaven HOA activities, my tax return, I have a couple of follow up items from the Ghana trip, Maddie has an appointment with dermatologists, and today I am making homemade split pea soup. 

Last night I watched a bit of the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary show.  I was never a huge fan of the show, not a regular viewer. Some of the old, old clips for the late 70's, certainly brought back memories of Anderson Hall at the University of Redlands when I was a freshman in college. Watching SNL was like religion in that dorm. We had a big television in the main lounge area and it was standing room only on Saturday. If you wanted a prime seat on one of the couches you had to get there early, before 10pm.  

Last week I read Tana French for the first time, In The Woods. I read the book in 2 days. Her writing style is detailed, practical, sometimes almost clinical. The story is about a murder of a young girl and how that crime may or may not tie to a missing children's case from years past. The story twists and turns and surprises. I'm a huge fan of long sentences and this writer is able to pull them off with the appropriate amount of information, cadence and logic. I found myself many times reading some of the sentences over and over, in awe of how so much information could be included between two full stops.  And the detail - so much around the investigations, the crime scenes, the interrogations, the relationship between the investigators and all the characters involved or affected by the crimes.  I am now reading, The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez Reverte.  After that I have the Walter Isaacson book on Einstein waiting on the coffee table, His Life and Universe.   

My niece, JoAnn and I are collaborating on a sketchbook, part of the SKETCHBOOK PROJECT out of the Brooklyn Art Library.  The book were working on  will be part of the permanent collection of 30,000 + sketchbooks already completed. It will also be available digitally, once the links are provided sometime in March, I will be sure to include in a post.  

Below is a photo of two of the pages included. I completed I think 10 or 12 pages and then sent to JoAnn, and she is now completing the other 10 or 12.  As you can see in the photo below, my contribution is the page called STANDING FISH.  JoAnn then complimented with her FISH art on the corresponding page. The overall project is called SOBRITI - from the spanish words SOBRINA and TIA which mean niece and aunt.  I will keep you posted on progress and completion of the project.