Feb 10, 2015


I am tying this short piece exactly as it was written by the Mawuvio's student in Class 4, Priscilla Mensah. 

I will take a photo and post the picture so you can see the actual work as it was written. This was given to me last Saturday around 10:30am about 20 minutes before I left Ayikumah to head back to Accra for my flight home that evening. 

Priscilla Mensah ~ Class 4 

6th February, 2015

Mawuvio Outreach Programme has give me the greatest tool I need to tread any part of my life education. First I cannot even speak good English. 

Mawuvio Outreach Programme has empowered me and continues to empower me through quality grooming to become socially, physically and emotionally responsible. 

At MOP I have learnt to appreciate myself and others. I have learnt and understand that I have unique and amazing talents which I can use in changing society.  I am very happy staying at Ayikumah. 

Here I feel at home because I have learnt some important values necessary for a peaceful existence and progress. 

Most of all, I have learnt to be the whole person God called me to be, I have learnt to respect my body and my friends because everyone is important. My amazing school provides me shelter. 

Now I am POSITIVELY convinced that with the good things I am experiencing here, I will rise up to the top and go out and make a difference. First I was lost, but now I am found. 

It is my prayer that may God Bless Madam Afua and everyone. 


Both Priscilla and her younger sister, Grace Mary have been students at MOP for three years. They live in Kissemah with their Aunt, their Mom's sister. 

I'd spent a few minutes complimenting Priscilla on Friday about what a great job she did with her sponsor letter and I encouraged her to keep writing, writing, writing. I found a few books in the library at the school that focus on writing at her grade level and I suggested she write stories, or letters, or essays and share them with her teacher, Sir Paul.  
I told her about my 7th Grade English Teacher, Miss Young, and how she encouraged me at a young age to keep writing and how much writing is a part of my life today. 

Priscilla surprised me the next morning and gave me this essay. I read it out loud, slowly, as she sat right next to me. By the time I got to the last sentence I had big tears in my eyes.  I gave Priscilla a big hug and we talked about some of the things she'd written. I thanked her and gave her another hug and we sat quietly for a few moments. Since then I've read the piece at least 25 or 30 times, in my head I can hear Priscilla's voice, see her smile, and the light in her eyes. 

I found out while I was in Ghana that Priscilla and Grace Mary's  biological Mother died during the month of December. They both attended the funeral in Togo during their school break. She had been living in Nigeria. We also spoke about this a bit, I told her we shared the experience in that both of us loss of our Mother's at a young age. I tried to provide comfort and encouragement as best as I could in those few moments we shared. 

Both Grace Mary and Priscilla are very bright, they're both fun, high energy, they love to dance. And they have beautiful smiles.