Feb 28, 2015

MARCH ~ On my mind !


I am excited that March is coming soon and for many reasons. Psychologically the move to Daylight Savings time is welcomed by almost everyone. 

#1 Maddie and Morgan love their walks in the afternoon or after work when Cindy gets home. The added hours of daylight make the walks a daily routine. 

#2 The average temps in Atlanta during March are between 61* and 67*. Certainly it can get cold, the probability for warmer weather gets better each and every day. 

#3 Lots of birthdays in March - family and friends. Carlos, Roger, Maria Elena and Grandpa Rogelio and many dear friends. 

#4 Everyone loves spring in Atlanta - the tulips are everywhere. Not sure how the practice of planting tulips all over Atlanta started; the gardens all over the city  are lovely. Including the Botanical Gardens which plants thousand and thousands of tulips. 

#5 I can start wearing shorts and hopefully put up the hammock towards the end of the month. And no socks, hooray ! !