Feb 8, 2015

Girl Scout

I am such a Girl Scout. I am typing this in the dark, the light of the iPad provides all I need to see the keys on the keyboard. Lights out happened around 7:30pm tonight. Kwame turned the generator on, so I have the benefit of the fan working in the volunteer quarters. Lots of the compound families are outside enjoying the cool evening. Indoors it is a bit hot without a fan.

I got the update tonight around 6pm, the container cleared and it's on they Ayikumah as I type this. Innocent accompanied the driver, he will head back to Kissemah via trotro. The driver will park the rig and spend the night in Ayikumah.

Kwame and I will head out at 5am to arrive by 6am and then the magic will happen. Ten men from the Aiykumah area will show up and we are supposed to unload the container fast fast, so the driver can get his rig back to Tema ASAP. The customs inspection today took some few minutes thanks to $500 Ghana Cedi's worth of TIPS - so about $200 US DOLLARS. Clearing the container has been a 5 month conflamma and tomorrow it should all come to a close. I will take photos and post. Not sure when, perhaps at the Marina Hotel on Friday. Or when I am back in Kissemah before I head back to US.

I am thrilled that Kwame did not want to head to Aiykumah tonight. I've never been on the roads in Ghana at night and I didn't want to set a precedent for that activity today. The roads as you can imagine are not well lit, I prefer the roads in Ghana during the day.

Ah and if only the Black Stars can win tomorrow, everyone will be thrilled. Will see how the day goes. I am looking forward to seeing the children in Ayikumah. They will be excited to have the desks from Austria and all that has been sent by the wonderful people introduced to Mawuvio's by Florian Bernhart.

When Kwame called Sir Austine tonight to provide update on the container, Aiykumah had electricity. I will hope for the best tomorrow and Friday. Ceci said that at the market people were saying that the worst of the power rationing is over.