Feb 2, 2015

Community Outreach - Generator Power ~

The power has been out since 4:30pm yesterday, it's now almost 7pm on Monday.

The photo I just posted is what happens from time to time when the power is out for a long time. Since Kwame runs a generator at the compound for safety lights and the office lights, the plug outside the office has current. When people are really really low on battery life, a mini power station gets created outside. One person brings an extension with several jacks and a handful of phones get charged. I have no idea how much this draws on the generator, MOP is making people's lives in Kissemah a tiny bit better during this national power rationing. Everyone that makes it to the porch are people that Kwame knows, and some from the compound.

How bad is the power situation, here is an example. Today Kwame was at the port, the last day to get the container cleared and through customs. One of the companies that is part of the process, MPS - could not process any payments today because of the power being down, causing their internet to go down. Much like we experience, even if the power is up in Kissemah, the area where the internet is being sourced may be down - so the network and or signal does not make it to Kissemah. Always something.

Since I was planning for container to be cleared today, and a trip to Aiykumah tomorrow, I got all my work done, all the filing, organizing, packing, making copies, etc - that I need to be ready for the school and teachers there. Since I am ready, tomorrow I can spend most of the day with the Primary 1 Class - Teacher Abigail is out on maternity leave. Class 1 is made up of Mark, Dora, Tawfika and Emmanuela.

Tonight Madame Ceci made RED FISH for dinner. It was quite tasty. Her and Ben are having KENKE, one of the favorite local dishes. Kenke is the consistency of tamale masa, made of corn, they eat it with a red sauce that is a bit hot.

I read a few updates on the Super Bowl, I was disappointed that the Seahawks lost. Not sure what else is going on in the world.
And that is OK.

So much is going on here. Life is in your face most of the time. With 14 units in the compound along with Ceci's house, something or someone is always happening. Today in the early morning, before 7am, I heard children playing outside across the way in the courtyard. I looked out through the screen door and there was Godsway standing completely naked on top of a wooden table. He had two big plastic containers, they are square shaped, he was playing them like big drums. His MOM, Vida, caught wind of him and he was in a bit of trouble in a hurry. All the other children ran fast and in different directions, soon Godsway was crying. He never cries for long. He recovers quickly and moves on to his next adventure.

I think this is all for today. The internet is working this very moment, so I will try to get this posted. The generator is my friend ! ! !

Thanks for the email messages today, I appreciate very much.