Feb 8, 2015


I arrived safely at JFK.

I love uneventful flights. The ones that leave on time, have little or no turbulence, nice seat mate, nice crew and when I am able to sleep. On this flight I was able to sleep about 7 hours. And the captain made few announcements so it was very quiet on the flight once everyone settled in.

As we were approaching JFK, I listened to some wonderful Aretha Franklin tunes. Imagine we even had LIGHTS OUT at the Ghana airport for a few minutes - as we were all waiting at the departure gate.

When Kwame took me to the airport about 6pm Ghana time yesterday, there was a slight storm approaching the area, Kwame said the rain is a sign of blessings. Today when the flight was making its initial decent I saw rain outside the window and my heart smiled. It was still dark, I could see cloud cover like vanilla frosting over the world, and the slight reflection of the moon on the clouds. It was beautiful. I am happy to be coming home, despite all the daily challenges with no power and all that goes on in Ghana, my heart is filled with a joy that is hard to describe.

We left the school in Ayikumah on Saturday around 11am. As the morning progressed many of the children came up to me individually and thanked me and told me they were going to miss me. A few asked when I was coming back. I got a few hand written letters from some of the chidren, one in particular I will post tomorrow. When I read the letter right along side the student from class 4, I broke out into big big tears. When I post you will see why.

When we got to Kissemah, Ceci had fresh cut and chilled pineapple for me. It was so so good. I went with Kwame to see Innocent, I met his wife, Sarah and 4 month old son, Cedric. We also made a quick visit to the family compound of one of Kwame's uncles in Kissemah. I also saw Eric A. the MOP Board President. The I managed to sneak in an hour nap and then it was time for my last village shower. I saw Teacher Lawrenda and Abigail for a few minutes and was able to say goodbye to them. It was a nice day. I was tired and still am from all the organizing and unpacking we did with the container that arrived in Ayikumah on Thursday.

I don't remember if posted the container details. I will check the posts when I am home and fill in the blanks. I also have photos. Flo, Flo, Flo, the children are all very happy. The desks are amazing, fitting for a "proper school."

Tonight at 7pm Ghana time, the Ghana national soccer team will play in the African Cup Finals against Ivory Coast. Everyone in Ghana will be watching the game or listening to the play by play on radio A win for the Black Stars will be significant for the people of Ghana - they love love love soccer. I will be rooting for them for sure.

The Detla Sky Club is quiet. It's bright in here, elevator music is playing and I parked myself right by the self-serve cappuccino machine. The JFK experience is confusing. The airport is not well signed. The customs process with the self-serve Kiosk was a breeze. Me and two other ladies, helped a MOM who was traveling with an infant son, 3 heavy, heavy suitcases, a stroller and a carry on bag. We all managed to get her and the baby through customs and the bag recheck. She was headed to Chicago.

My apologies for any typos on this update. I am going at this fast, my flight for ATL boards in about 30 minutes.