Jan 16, 2015

Travel Day

This morning Maddie and Morgan woke up to the same routine, one of the many things I love about them. They are consistent in their love, their needs, their wants and every morning they are my coffee companions. They always get a tiny bit of foam from the cappuccino, today Morgan was extra close and sat on my lap. 

They've seen the suitcases for days, they're lined up in their usual play area, I even had to move the girl's toy box to get the bags ready, tagged, locked, weighed, etc. Maddie has been giving me the "look" for days. She knows something is up,  I've reassured both of them that their Mom Cindy will take very good care of them. We may even try to Skype a few times. 

Elena, Maddie and Morgan 

Travel is always an adventure. I am ready. I plan to write a quick update during my layover at JFK in New York. And from here on I have to include my usual disclaimer on all things typos, formatting, etc. when posting updates.  

Maddie, the "Inspector"