Jan 14, 2015


Roger, Mari & Little Roger 

A 'pollera' is Panama’s national dress and is one of the most admired national costumes of the Americas.  The pollera is made up of three parts, the blouse, the skirt and the petticoat. Typically they are all handmade and embroidered with delicate patterns. 

No two polleras are the same. A pollera is complimented with golden jewelry, and glamorous headpieces. To own a pollera is a great honor and is often passed down through generations.

A annual parade is held in Panama in the the town of Las Tablas, about six hours outside of Panama City, The Parade of 10,000 Polleras

And yours truly, my brother, Roger, his wife Maria Elena and Roger IV - participated in the parade this past weekend.  

Photo below, Roger, (son and Dad) are carrying the flags. Mari is in the middle. 

Roger IV, Mari & Roger III 

JoAnn - Our Mom in her Pollera in Panama - 1959