Jan 18, 2015

Sunday Morning ~

I am writing this post on Sunday morning, January 18th. We are in a LIGHTS OFF mode, I am not sure when I will be able to post this update. Per Ceci, the electricity is usually out for the entire day and will come back in the late afternoon or early evening.

Last night I slept from 8pm to 4am. Horray. I was not able to sleep on the flight over. I was a bit tired yesterday afternoon, I am feeling 100% better today.

I got up at 6am with the melodies of the compound. All activities with water take place outside, so I hear bucket showers, people brushing their teeth, Mom's filling up wash basins for the children, etc. And always some rooster in the area is the wake up call, announcing that a new day is here.

I had my CECI Ghana breakfast, black coffee and 1 scrambled egg with tomatoes and scallions. Most delicious ! I was witih Ceci in the back kitchen area from 7am to 8am. She is going to church service at 9am and wont be back to the compound until noon.

As people are getting ready for church, you witness a tiny parade of residents of the compound going to and from their shower areas which are outside. The children as children will do, run around naked. The Mom's are wrapped in brightly colored cloths, their version of the house robe.

Many of the Mom's wake up on Sundays and sing beautiful songs in Ewe, my assumption, the are signing hymns from church. One Mom especially, Cecelia, has the most soothing and beautiful singing voice.

Now by 9am, it is very quiet in the compound. I can still hear radios in the distance and Jehovah, the man at the patio bar, his voice is carrying in the air. I can hear faints sound of him at the house next door. And yes the patio bar is open everyday of the week.

Teacher Lawrenda will be coming this morning to help me sort through all the school supplies and the uniforms and gym clothes. Kwame and I will meet in the afternoon when he is back from church to go over the schedule and activities during my visit. I think I will be heading to Aiykumah on Wednesday.

I am enjoying the warm Ghana weather. It is slightly overcast this morning, so the day is so far is cool. The compound sits up on a hill in Kissemah, there is always a tiny breeze. The leaves on the mango tree in the compound always provide a hint of the relief as the day warms.