Jan 27, 2015


It's about 7:48pm, we are in a lights out condition again. I am starting to get in the rhythm of life at the school without electricity. The generator keeps humming along as if it was part of the natural landscape. I can hear the crickets and the frogs in the distance, all one happy natural and mechanical concert combined.

This afternoon around 4:30pm we had a monsoon type rain. It was amazing, and a bit scary all at the same time. The rain was announced by the winds and the dark, grey sky. We could see in the distance that a fierce storm was on its way. The children and teachers all quickly gathered in the school, and when the skies opened, it was surreal. The sky was a pink grey, the wind blowing over 15 to 20 MPH. It was like a giant air-conditioner turned on, I tried to enjoy as much as I could. It reminded of Panama. We got a tiny bit of rain through the pane glass windows because of the high winds. It is the dry season, the dry ground swallowed the water and not many puddles formed on the school grounds.

Earlier today I went to the outdoor market in Dodowa with Kwame to get some plastic baskets for the school office and library. We met Ivy and Celestine, two lady vendors, they drove a hard bargain. We even used a calculator to settle the price. The older people here still count the money in millions, so 100 Cedis, a long long time ago, was called a million cedis. I am not sure when, a referendum or something of the sort was passed to trim the extra zeros from the figures. As you can imagine it made banking and transactions a bit unwieldy. When I used the calculator we all spoke the same language.

We also got some yuca and pineapple at the market and in honor of Stefan, (who is now in Amsterdam) I got a round of Alvaro minerals for all the teachers and for Vivian and Jennifer who manage the kitchen and cooking duties. My Passion Fruit Alvaro is in the frig, I will enjoy it tomorrow after I get back from church. I need to figure out how to get Alvaro's imported into US - they are refreshing and tasty. Like a fruity Ginger-Ale.

The children took their dinner inside the school tonight due to the rain. They had Palm Nut Soup and Banku. Tomorrow they will have Ground Nut Soup made out of peanuts, I am looking forward to tasting that soup. I've been eating oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, pineapple for lunch and chicken and rice or chicken and yam for dinner. It's all good and keeps me as they say in Ghana, "satisfied".

After dinner, the children have quiet time in the school, they usually sit in two of the classrooms that is configured into an assembly room.

Tonight I spent about 1/2 hour telling them stories, and now they are coloring. We cannot watch the princess movie this evening because of the power being out. One day when we get a larger generator it should be able to power more outlets in the school, and we will be able to show movies. Right now we have the generator hooked up to the safety lights outside, the hallway lights and the fans and lights in the big assembly room. I am sure there are few more outlets I am not remembering. If the power is on tomorrow, we can watch after church. The children will be sure to remind us. The enjoy movies !

As I was sitting with the children in the room this evening commenting on their coloring skills and talents, Elias looks up at me and says.... "Madam, Elijah flatulated amongst us". I am not even sure I'm spelling the word correctly. When these kinds of things happen they catch me by surprise, I can't help but smile really big in my heart. Children are children everywhere, and boys will be boys.

Mid afternoon, I had help from Princilla, Maude, Adzo, and Matilda with all the uniforms and school supplies. We have all the shorts, t-shirts and gym shorts ready to pass out tomorrow. I always keep my fingers crossed that I have a size that fits everyone. So far with three batches of uniforms I've brought over, it has worked out.

Kwame and I are going to church in Dodowa tomorrow. The pastor of the church invited us for lunch, Pastor John Soudi, the same man who runs the ISP service. His adult children live in Charlotte, NC; he knows Atlanta well. I am looking forward to seeing him again, I think we will also get to meet his wife. His church is called Word of Faith.

I know I am supposed to be writing about something else that happened today, I think I am tired tonight and will stop for now.

I need to get my shower items and head back to the girls bath area. And my apologies for any typos, spelling, fragments, etc. Usually I review the posts before I send; with the lights out I am conserving the battery life on iPad as much as I can.