Jan 7, 2015


Maddie and Morgan are familiar with this look.  They know when we go out in the morning I dress appropriately for the COLD ! Tomorrow when the girls wake up, the forecast is for ZERO degrees based on the wind chill factor. 

Any time it gets crazy cold, I think of my MOM. I remember all the accounts she shared with us when we were growing up in Panama of her "walking" to school in the snow in Rockwell City, Iowa. Not sure how kids did it then, or today. And certainly the genes that tolerate and manage cold did not get passed to me from my dear Mother.  My DNA is not suited for cold weather.   

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and comfortable with the weather conditions coming your way.  I know for some it will be much colder. 

I plan to stay home.  Maddie and Morgan have an indoor  "play" routine that we've developed and improved over the years.  

I always have projects, research and reading to keep me busy. I am also finalizing packing for my visit to Ghana where (HORRAY) it will be warm. They have the same weather as Panama, they are in their "dry summer" season.  

And if you read update from yesterday, I will post the John W. Gardner speech later today.