Jan 10, 2015


Morgan Sofia celebrated her TENTH birthday on January 8th, 2015.

I put together a short video to celebrate all the love and joy she has brought into our lives. The song in the video is one Morgan is very familiar with. Cindy and I sang the Karen Carpenter lines to her thousands of times, especially when she was a puppy. 

Why do birds suddenly appear, 
every time you are near….
 just like me, they long to be close to you ! 

Morgan is quite the Corgi, a 24 pound female, full of herself and certainly never shy with respect to informing the world of her presence. Morgan wants you to know that she is in the room or the patio or the car or wherever she is. 

She loves to sit on you lap and "conquer" you, she will also always find opportunities to herd you towards a tennis ball or two or her favorite green Squiggley Wiggley ball.  

She is loves to eat and inhales her meals. We've worked with her over the years on this and gained some improvements.  

Morgan loves Maddie and her cousins, Wesley, Riley and Savannah. 

She has dear friends: Jake, Cody, Bruno, Baxter, Chloe, Merlin, Cita, and Annah.  And yes, there are a few dogs she simply does not like, we won't name names, but Morgan knows who they are. 

You should be able to click on the link below and see the Morgan Birthday video. Or you can search via Elena Arosemena YOUTUBE. If you like dogs, you will ENJOY ! It is shy of 4 minutes.