Jan 20, 2015

Monday Night

This is being posted at 12pm on Tuesday. The network was down this morning.


The day ended sad for most of the Republic of Ghana.

The national soccer team, The Black Stars, lost a match in the first round of the African Cup. I guess the game was tied 1-1 and then Senegal scored a goal with 30 seconds left in the game. It was over around 6pm, the village was hoping, people everywhere.

Around 6:15pm Kwame and I went to visit Steve, from Easy Track Ghana. Steve is from Oakland, CA, and has been running a tour agency for 5 or 6 years in Ghana. His house and office are in Kissemah.

Kwame is like the mayor of Kissemah, everyone knows him, so on the way there and back, we stopped to talk to many people, some friends, a cousin or two, and always, always there is an elder from the village and you absolutely have to stop and say a quick hello. Kwame always introduces me, some people don't speak any English and I dont speak any Ewe, so there is always lots of smiling and head nodding going on. Ghanian are very friendly people !

I wish I would've had a video camera during the walk. The village winds around, up and down, nothing is paved. In some places the houses are close and there are passages ways in between, lots of stones and bricks shoring up places were the water runs when it rains. Most houses in Kissemah are made from cement, but there is always the add on wooden porch, or the 2nd story that is not finished. There are some places where tiny wooden houses line up, they call them kiosk here. And when I say tiny, I mean the size of a master closet in your home. Nothing matches or is uniform, there is always people out, children running, not to mention the goats and chickens. I hear many times from the children, "Obruni, Obruni", I respond back, "Elena, Elena" and they giggle. Obruni is the Ewe term for white.

I was a tiny bit nervous, as we were walking back it was getting dark. If a LIGHTS OUT happened, I told Kwame I would have to hold his hand all the way back to the compound. Usually I have my headlamp with me at all times when it's dark, but not on this walk. It all worked out.

Ceci made me my first Ghana dinner tonight, I had rice, chicken, red sauce and vegetables. I told her no fried plantains, she made some, so I had 2 pieces. I love love plantains, I am not supposed to eat this type of food. Everything was delicious. I've been drinking lots and lots of water.

Tonight I was hot from the walk, so I did not want to take a cold shower, the tap only runs cold water. Ceci is so wonderful. She combined the right amount of cold water and water she's heated over the coal pot, to create the perfect bucket of warm water.

I am typing this in the volunteer unit. I have uniforms and school supplies everywhere. Tomorrow I will repack all and prepare to head to Aiykumah on Wednesday. I am very excited to see all the children and the teachers and the new staff.

And Annette, my Ghana pants were a hit today. I got many many compliments. Ceci says "that lady, she knows how to make Ghana pants." I will take a photo of them and post. They are perfect for the dry, summer season here and oh so comfortable. Thanks again ! ! !

I will post this before 8am tomorrow.