Jan 24, 2015



Today is Thursday. I am writing this update in the library at the school. Power continues to be out, everyone is estimating we will be back on by 7pm, will see.

I went to Aiykumah this afternoon to an Internet cafe to post my update from yesterday and things did not work out. I went to the Marina Hotel, they said I could use their WIFI, but we are in LIGHTS OUT and their generator does not support the internet connection. So hopefully tomorrow I will go after the morning worship, and post both yesterday and todays update. As they say in Ghana, not having access to the internet is paining me. Will see how the Marina Hotel WIFI hook is tomorrow.

Today I spent time in Class 1, 2, 3, 4 - I observed the new teachers, Rose, Bernice, Paul and Vincent. In class 1 we have six children from Aiykumah, children that have never been to school, and did not know any English in September when they enrolled. Today they were doing their numbers, their ABCs, and signing songs. They were very happy and seemed to be enjoying themselves. In Class 1 Bernice, has two manage two different learning levels, the children from Kissemah in the same class are much farther along. She does a great jo.

During break one of the day students from Ayikumah came up to me while I was out on the school grounds hanging out with the children, she asked me, "Madam can you come and collect us?" - I had no idea what she was trying to ask me so I told her to ask me again, and she said "Can you come and collect us also?" I asked again, what was she trying to ask me, I did not understand how she was using the word collect. She then clarified, "can we stay and sleep at the school?" - I asked her if she had a family and a house in Ayikumah and she said yes. So I explained to her in the simplest terms possible, that the Ayikumah students had to come and go from their homes as Day Students, and that the other children live farway so they have sleep here. Her name is Mawuna Ahakwa, she is class there.