Jan 19, 2015



I am typing this update at 7:10pm on Sunday. It's lights off and Kissemah is dark. The power went out early this morning, Ceci said it should come back on anytime now. I will let you know tomorrow what time the cheers and horrays are heard throughout the village when the lights come back on.

I think there is a full moon because it is somewhat light outside, the kind of light provided by a complete moon, silvery in some respects. Looks like a movie set. All life continues in the dark, dark: children running back and forth, Moms cooking, washing, they manage with lights or without.

My iPad is at 58% battery life, I should be able to complete this post and submit to the blog tomorrow morning.

Kwame has a generator that powers a few lights around the compound and yes, the fan in the volunteer quarters !
If it's really really hot, I will turn the fan on low. All day we've had a steady soldier breeze, so right now I have the fan off.

Ceci and I were sitting out back in the kitchen area and by the time it got dark, dark ! The glow of the coal pot was like a mini camp fire. She always has the coals in the pot going all day long, like magic. She knows just when to add more charcoal to keep the fire barely going throughout the day. She is known for always having the charcoal lit, so a few times a week, Moms from the compound will come back to the kitchen area with a soup ladle and scoop up some hot burning coals so they can get a jump start in their own coal pots. There is always a system, a plan B, contingencies !

I got Ceci a really cool torch, that's what they call flashlights in Ghana. The torch has two different light settings and can stand on its side and provide a very wide spray of light. Ceci got to try out the torch tonight and she really likes it. I've always loved flashlights. My Dad used to have one by his bed for as long as I can remember, a habit that has carried over into my life. I always travel with a small flashlight, when I visit Ghana I bring a camping style headlamp and it's worked great. Definitely a must.

Today, Teacher Lawrenda and I split out all the supplies and the uniforms and gym clothes. Kwame and I agreed that I will go to Aiykumah on Wed. I also visited with Teacher Abigail, who is going to have a baby any day now. Her due date in January 26th and she said she is ready. She will have her delivery at the Achimota Hospital which is about 10 minutes by car from Kissemah. If she has any complications, she will be transferred to Ridge, the same hospital where Lilian was at the end of 2013.

I got updates from Lawrenda and Abigail on all the children in their classes. All are doing well in school. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. I am doing a simple art project with them on Tuesday, and also they will write the sponsor and friends letters.

I will be sure to take some pictures and post.

And thanks for the email greetings from back home. Your company in my inbox in greatly appreciated.