Jan 19, 2015


When I woke up today, around 4am, the lights were back on. Ceci said they came on during the night, I am not sure when. Lights have been on all day, HORRAY! I am typing this update fast.

Today I met the children in KG1 and Primary Class 1 here in Kissemah. Some I knew from my last visit. Peace, Saviour, Richmond and Clinton are in KG1. Emmanuela, Tawfika, Mark and Dora are in Class 1.

Teacher Abigail who manages the first graders had a doctors appointment this morning, I filled in for a tiny bit. I had to review proper nouns and pronouns with Class 1. We also did plural and singular review. They had already covered this at the end of the last term; it was mostly review.

When I was working with the children, (it was about 90 minutes), I had them take a few short breaks. On one of the breaks I asked if they had any questions for me, about anything. I've done this in the past and the same question that got asked last time, they asked again. They want to know about my Mother. "Who is your Mother?" They also wanted to know how the airplane goes up and down. That one is always fun to explain.

At lunch most of them ended up in the office and I shared photos of my Mom via the iPad. They also got see a few of the Mawuvio's YOUTUBE videos and I always share Maddie and Morgan pictures and videos.

After lunch I helped out in Lawrenda's class. Clinton is a brand new student that started with Term 2 - so last week. He speaks little English, he is learning. Lawrenda has to go back and forth between Ewe and English with him and Richmond.

Today they were reviewing and practicing letters and numbers. I helped Clinton write out the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, all the way to 30. He is left handed so we had a bit of struggle getting started, by the time he was at 30 he was doing extremely well.

It's so interesting for me to watch them learn, you can see in their eyes, they are processing information, thinking, thinking ! I continue to be in awe of teachers that are successful in the classroom. Lawrenda and Abigail both do a great job. They have so much patience.

KG1 and Primary Class 1 continue to be in school on Ceci's porch. It works out great. And now that they don't have the other classes here: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, they focus so much better.

There is always a few little ones running back and forth in the compound, like Godsway. And someone is always doing laundry, the backdrop beyond the mango tree is always a carnival of colors, sheets, towels, shirts, shorts and every flavor and size of undergarments.

After lunch the children all got their uniforms and gym clothes from The Uniform Project in Atlanta - a big shout out to Beth Kempe ! ! ! Horray Horray for all the great work she does to provide uniforms to schools like Mawuvio's, all over the world.

Tomorrow we are writing sponsor letters. Not all the children have sponsors; they write letters to Beth Kempe, thanking her for the uniforms and gym clothes.

We are also doing an art project that I am very excited about. I will take photos during class.

Wednesday in the morning, Kwame and I will head to Aiykumah. The school is about 40 kilometers from here, on a good traffic day you can get there in 55 minutes. Good traffic days are rare, usual commute time is 1 hour and 15 minutes tops.

I should be able to post another update from Kissemah before I head out. Thanks for all who are sending emails, I appreciate hearing from you.