Jan 5, 2015


I know I've written before about the Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters. If you live in CA and you've never been to this amazing summer long event in Laguna Beach, you should put this on your list of things to do. If you don't live in CA and want to plan a wonderful, unique, art and performance focused get-away, put this on your list. The Pageant event and seaside location of Laguna Beach will not disappoint.  For the official Pageant website Click Here

The Pageant is like nothing you've ever seen or experienced. I like to describe this as part magic, part discipline, part art and theatre all mixed with wonder, awe, and OH CAN THEY REALLY STAND STILL FOR SO LONG. 

Adults and children, become life size renderings of paintings and sculptures. The life size art is presented in a beautiful setting, under the summer evening skies in Laguna Beach.  The venue I think seats 3000 people. The 90 minute show is narrated by the same person every year, you learn about the history of the artwork, the artist, and how it relates to the overall theme. There is a full orchestra to compliment the wonderful theatrical museum-like, art comes to life event. There is a tradition that every show regardless of the theme, closes with "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci. 

The theme for 2015 is The Pursuit of Happiness, the show runs from early July to the end of August.  And there is not a bad seat in the venue. 

This morning in my inbox I had an email with details for the annual Open Casting Call for volunteers for the show.  I've read that people come from all over, especially college students, to participate in the summer long event. I'm  sure it's a great resume addition for any theatre, production and arts type major.  

Certainly the standing still requires the ability to being still. I've read articles over the years that the show has breathing coaches that help the cast of volunteers learn how to best hold their "very still" position in the "art" they are representing. 

It takes a special mind set to be able to do this night after night for the summer long engagement. I am glad there are people willing and able to do this for the enjoyment of the multitudes of audience members who've attended the Pageants over the years.  Bravo ! Bravo ! 

While I don't plan to participate in the Pageant casting call, I will continue to practice and become more familiar with being still. 



The Last Supper