Jan 17, 2015


I am in Ghana in the Mawuvios school office in Kissemah.

Kwame and Teacher Lawrenda came to the airport to pick me up. When we landed we were scanned by a computer looking machine that provided our body temperature. This happened not 10 steps into the airport facilities. Also had to fill out an extra form declaring if we had fever, chills, vomiting, etc, and provide our seat # on the flight. I am sure all Ebola precautions.

I've been here for about 2 hours, all went well with the flights. The NYC to Accra flight was 2/3 full, first time I've had this experience.

We were on time, and we had a new or a renovated Delta aircraft with plugs for all the charging devices. FINALLY. My seat-mate in 13B, Rick, from San Antonio was traveling to Ghana to train the Ghana armed forces for a UN assignment in neighboring countries. He was not very talkative, so I had a quiet flight most of the way.

Ceci provided updates on all things Kissemah. She said the tap is running strong enough that I can take a shower -no bucket required. Will see how that goes later today.

Ceci also said the LIGHTS are going off about every three days. LIGHTS OFF as they refer to it here.

All the neighbors in the compound are the same with exception of one family. All the children who saw me earlier when I got here, smiled and said YOU ARE WELCOME !

I will write later today and post at end of day or first thing tomorrow. It is summer in Ghana, today the temp when we landed was 88*. I am in short and sandals ! HORRAY.