Jan 1, 2015

2 Posts on the Same Day

Good Day - Good First Day of 2015: 

It is shy of 10:00am as I begin typing this post.  Maddie woke me around 5:45am, she wanted to go out, we've repeated the "let's go out" activity three times since then. Although she seems to be feeling better, she asked for a tummy rub again early this morning, which is not her usual self. 

Maddie and Morgan 

In addition to taking the girls out, I also fed Maddie and Morgan their breakfast, and shared a cappuccino with them. They get a few licks of the non-fat milk foam, never any of the coffee. Now they are both taking their morning naps. 

Morgan reminded me today that she is counting down the days to her 10th Birthday which is 7 days away. Hard to believe that TEN years have passed, 3,650 days since the tiny bundle of joy, energy and fierce Corgi will came into our lives. Thanks always to Maggie and Lew Bellville for the wonderful introduction. 

This morning I also put away the few holiday decorations that made it up this past year. I reviewed again and enjoyed all the holiday greeting cards, always nice to be included in the good wishes and greetings from the holiday season.

I finished proof reading a Shutterfly photo book I made for Lilian Ampomah. She is one of the students in the first grade class I taught last year in Ghana. Lilian is the little girl that was hospitalized for 22 days while I was there in November and December of last year. I promised her I would make her a photo book capturing the story of her remarkable courage, and of all the people and angels who supported her and her family during her serious illness and full recovery ! Ridge is the name of the hospital. 

I ordered books, some of which were recommended by Billie Lange when I visited with her and her husband, Chris in November. A few of the titles: The Club Dumas, People of the Book, The Portrait, The Seven Storey Montain, In The Woods, Einstein: His Life and Universe and Thoughts in Solitude.  After this order, I will start using my library card in earnest and get acquainted with the Dunwoody Library. 

And and and … .. I purchased tickets to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in April.  I've always wanted to see the Rockettes in NYC, and JoAnn we are going in April ! The Rockettes New York Spring Spectacular on Sunday April 19th @ 2pm.  

I hope wherever you are that you enjoy this first day of 2015 !  And that whatever voice awakes in your heart and mind, that it is filled with joy and love. 

Best Wishes,