Jan 8, 2015

12 Years

August 31, 1997 -  Coronado Hotel - Panama 

What the Canvas will Allow: Paintings for my Papi 

I don't know how, I'm going to learn. 

I've never painted before.  
I need greens, reds, orange, 
blues, yellows and forgiving browns. 

The colors will spread: 
a generous canvas will allow. 

I will being early in the morning, 
everyday until the paint is dry. 

I will attempt oils with a lenient brush or two:

      A young palm tree iguana green 

      A small panga near Taboga Island 

      A thin highball glass, Coca Cola meeting rum 

      A series of stretched hands, the background in afternoon colors 

      A collection of Huaca artifacts, a whistle, a bowl, a pipe 

      A house of orchids tall, with the doors open wide. 

by Elena Arosemena 

I wrote this poem in January of 2003.  It was shortly after my Father's funeral which was held in Panama the week after he passed on January 8th, 2003.  

I miss him everyday.