Dec 31, 2014

The End is The Beginning


Today is December 31st; the end of the year marked by a crisp, sunny, cold Thursday morning in Atlanta, GA.  

Wherever you are: Panama, Florida, California, Ghana and beyond, I hope this last day of December is going well. 

I am glad to be turning the corner on a new week, a new month, a new year, where exploration continues, as T. S. Elliot says in the quote above. 

I've been up since 4:30am taking care of Maddie Louise. She is three days into having stomach issues. She wanted her tummy rubbed ever so gently and I did just that.  She is such a sweet Corgi girl. 
When she is not feeling well, you know. 

Today she is getting medication for her sensitive stomach and if her symptoms continue, she will go see Dr. Pinsky on Monday.  Morgan is such a good sister, she has been close by Maddie's side for the past 2 days. 

I look forward to the new year, 2015 ! 

The numbers 2 0 1 5 round, the curves almost feminine, soft.  I will be 57 in 2015; seven is my favorite number.  

Where will exploration take me, where will exploration take us all in the 365 days assigned to the 2015 calendar year ?  

Maybe exploration, perhaps adventure, 
and for me always some degree of introspection. 

I am sure some questions will be answered, 
and some answers will be questioned.  

Many plans, activities, aspirations will be new, some old, days will be up and down and sometimes even inside and out! 

Whatever the path is, I look forward to exploring. 

I look forward to appreciation and gratitude. 

I look forward to learning. 

And in the midst of exploration I will remember to practice being still. 

Happy New Year to All !