Nov 1, 2014

Welcome Winter

Today it is cold.  

The shorts I wore on Monday and Tuesday have been replaced with long pants, a long sleeve shirt, muffler and cap.  I went to Carlos and Michele's house today for a quick visit and it was in the high 30*s.  

Right now, shy of 12pm, we are at 43*.  The wind is blowing up to 35 MPH, it is cold, cold, cold. All the leaves that were going to fall this weekend have been pulled down overnight by strong wind gusts.   YIKES and tonight we go back on Eastern Standard Time, no more daylight savings for the balance of the year.  

I volunteered at a charity golf tournament on Monday and the temperature that day reached the low 80*s. It was a perfect fall day for Atlanta and a perfect fall day for the golf tournament that was held at Country Club of the South to support St. Jude's Hospital for Children. I met wonderful people, everyone happy to be there to support such a great cause. 

Whatever part of my Mother's Iowa DNA I was supposed to get to tolerate and manage cold weather - I did not get. I remember her telling us stories of winters in Iowa, "the walking" to school in the snow stories, the frozen front doors, shoveling snow, all that comes with cold cold cold.  Whatever was supposed to transfer from her genes to mine, that part of the DNA did not make it to my body, brain, psyche, not even a tiny bit.  

HMMMM - maybe it is because we went from the 80's on Monday to 30* this Saturday morning, an abrupt transition.  Unless I quickly relocate to somewhere in Florida or Panama, I need to embrace the chill in the air, certainly it will be around for some time.