Nov 17, 2014

68 Days ~

It's been 68 days since I swam.

I know this because it was a WED and by Friday of that week I was sick. I had a serious virus type condition and had to cancel a trip to New York. That was mid September. That marked the 2nd trip I had to cancel this summer because of being sick and I was convinced that I got sick because I was swimming so much.
I was in a pool at the Marcus Gym well attended by it's members and I am sure I got something from the water.

My other theory, (all of this information available on the internet) was that my immune system was compromised because my body temperature was not consistent, especially on the days I went swimming 3 or 4 times a week.

All of this to say, I missed swimming. And today, today of all days, on Grandma Chichi's birthday, I woke up to a bright, Rin Tin Tin morning, the forecast in San Juan Capistrano, 2 degrees shy of 80*.

Add to the forecast a nice outdoor pool with salt water and a section dedicated to lap swimmers. Today was the day I was going to get back in the pool, and it was perfect. Nobody was there, the breeze attended the afternoon to create the shimmering effect at the bottom of the pool. Yes it was picture perfect. I enjoyed every lap, every time my head came out of the water to inhale, my former fish self was H A P P Y ! ! !

According to the weather app on my phone, the temperature tomorrow is forecasted to be one degree hotter than today, so 79*. I have made the mental reservation and plan to enjoy a swim again tomorrow.

To add to the delight of this experience, as I get ready to head back to Toby's house, I see the shadow of one of the palms in the water. Spending time with my niece, JoAnn, I've started to pay attention to reflections and shadows and tried to capture them in photographs. So after this post, I will add the "Shadow Palm."