Oct 10, 2014

Friday Poetry

October Tenth, Outside on the Patio

The wind swirls some
fallen leaves and pine straw needles
run and run in place,
a circular pattern erratic.
While the calendar invites fall
Nature is unwilling to commit.

Sudden gusts prompt the chimes
the faded black metal pipes come to life
the melody sweet, abrupt, comforting.

Morgan sits almost frozen, still
the posture of a disciplined sentry
she waits and waits for the gecko
whose tiny presence taunts.
This senior Corgi girl, happy,
fascinated by the hunt.

Maddie pretends to care.
She sits ballerina still in my lap
Corgi supervisor of everyone and everything
Her mission to be ready
for her afternoon nap.

The wind decides to stop.

The 80 plus degrees gain presence
as the now still moments continue
to hold back fall. In the quiet, quiet,
Morgan’s pounce on the gecko is loud. 
Her panting if magnified a thousand times,
the determined chorus of a small brigade
crossing a wooden bridge on the way to battle.

This gift of stillness a momentary communion.

The sun, the sky and the reflection of seconds past grow in volume
words, phrases, images, all traffic my frontal lobe.
I close my eyes: start, stop, rewind, and start again.

Inhale, exhale, 
I take notice of the rise and fall of my chest. 
It is now symphony quiet. 

The oxygen rich words race ahead in my imagination.  
Their destination, this blank page, this poem.

By E. Arosemena