Oct 20, 2014

Brooklyn, New York

Today I woke up in Brooklyn, New York.

A city different than what I know in Atlanta, different weather, smells, sounds, rhythms. The familiar invites, the differences caution and challenge. This morning I welcomed the day with a Dominican Cappuccino, the lady who made it at EL COFRE, referred to me as "Mi Amor;" not a term of endearment, more a custom of a culture and people who are gentle, caring, full of Latino love ! The lady's name, Rosario. The name of the small establishment on Myrtle Ave, translates to chest as in "treasure chest".

This Brooklyn, this city of 2.5 million plus, this borough of New York, what brings me here ? My niece, JoAnn Catherine. She is going to school at Pratt Institute which is located in Brooklyn.

What a lovely visit I've had with JoAnn. We had engaging conversations on the L, G, & E trains and train platforms. We listened to Santo Fabian, a Honduran man, singing the most beautiful Spanish Boleros yesterday, accompanied by his guitar. We've had prescribed, delightful silences wandering the halls of MOMA in the presence of the greats: Van Gogh, Kahlo, Rivera, Picasso, Mondrian, Miro, Matisse and many more. The visual and emotional charge nourishing for us both, sobrina and tia. Standing in front of Vincent Van Gogh's, Starry Night ~ wonderful, inspiring. It was the most popular painting at the MOMA yesterday, at anytime there where 15 or 20 people about 3 or 4 feet away, everyone delighted !

Today on my neighborhood excursion, I must of timed my outing at the same time as the area Mom's and Nannies. I ran into 10 or 15 strollers - the babies and infants all bundled up for the brisk cold late morning air. Everyone sharing familiar greetings, hellos, questions on the weekend. It was like being on a movie set. The area where I am staying does not have much traffic, no horn honking. There is people walking to and from everywhere, lots of lots of bicycles and even skate boarders. It is so different from the area of New York City we visited yesterday.

I told JoAnn I am coming back in the spring for sure.