Sep 29, 2014

Reasons why I favor September

We are one day away from one of my favorite months of the year passing.

September is almost over.

Over the years I've recognized and enjoyed the activities, memories, and celebrations listed below.

  • My Mother’s birthday is on September 27th.  

  • When I was going to school, junior high and high school, classes started in September. I loved school, I loved knowing that when the calendar page turned to September, I would soon be back in the classroom setting, learning.  

  • High School Friday night “Home” Football games.  Probably one of the activities I enjoyed most about being a John F. Kennedy Spartan. I loved going to the football games on Friday night, especially senior year. The sense of belonging, the cool crisp air, the marching band, the cadence of the drums, the fresh night air. 

  • September is the beginning of fall, the weather patterns change and with relief we welcome the cool air and breezes that open the door and make way for winter. 

  • Pumpkins show up in the grocery stores.  And at the Buford Farmers Market they even have turban squash.  

  • September 7th, 1977, the Panama Canal Treaty signed by Jimmy Carter and Omar Torrijos transferring the Panama Canal back to Panama.  

  • September is a great month for travel. The summer crowds have come and gone and most places still have favorable weather. 

  • During the month of September, towards the end, I turn off the AC and open the windows to enjoy the cool day breeze and the night chills. The fresh air, a gift from nature. 

  • September begins the season of homemade soups. My favorites, Split Pea and Black Bean. I make enough to freeze and enjoy for several weeks.  I get all of the ingredients cooked and mixed in a large “paila” and then transfer the large paila to the oven so the soup can cook for several hours on low heat. HM HM GOOD.  

  • The Indian Blanket makes it’s yearly debut in September.   When I was in college, my DAD, got us all wonderful, awesome, warm, Pendleton Blankets. I’ve had mine for over 30 years and it’s my “security blanket” for winter.  My Dad always gave us practical gifts, one year it was the awesome Pendleton blankets, one year we got super scissors, my favorite all time gift, top of the line pairing knives. My Dad, because he was a surgeon, loved sharp knives.  

  • The cotton sheets get put away and all the thicker flannel sheets start being used. 

  • I learned about FALL in September. Prior to moving to Atlanta, I'd never experienced the seasonal changes, the colors, the welcomed temperatures of FALL.  When I lived in CA, certainly the weather got cooler, but the FALL colors, the trees, all the leaves, we did not have any that. And certainly not in Panama. In 1996, my first fall in Atlanta, I was fascinated by the colors and the leaves falling. I lived with Carlos and Michele, their backyard filled with large trees. I remember volunteering on Saturday mornings to use the blower to get all the fallen leaves into a corner of the yard so we could put in paper bags.  I was like a kid, having fun, doing something I had never experienced before.  Now 18 years later, I certainly don’t like to use the blower to gather the leaves, but it's part of the season. 

  • Maddie Louise was born in September, on the 8th in 2005.