Sep 15, 2014

National Geographic YOUR SHOT

When we were growing up our parents subscribed to one magazine that we all enjoyed, National Geographic. I am grateful that my parents invested in this publication, it left a lasting impression on me. 

Actually as we got older, instead of getting on restriction, my DAD would assign us a "report" from a Nat Geo article.  The magazines lined a particular shelf on the library wall in our family room at 108 College Court.  The challenge when assigned one of these "reports", to find an article with lots and lots of photos and little text.  And National Geographic reports we did.  

Now I enjoy the Nat Geo channel and certainly their online presence has access to great information, especially on travel and photography.  I recently found the National Geographic YOUR SHOT website and all that goes with it. 

If you are interested in photography, this is a great community of all things photography.  What I love most about access to this website is all the examples of "great photography".  And most of the photos are posted by regular people who happen to love photography. They are not professional photographers.

If you have time, if you now someone who loves photography, check it out.