Sep 26, 2014

Friday Poetry


At 55 the fetal remains
my favorite. 

It serves me safe. 

It allows me to hold the world
myself and my Mother.

A tight womb baby, My Father described
"You hardly moved". 

The first unplanned 
The middle child 
The highlight of a trip to Boquete.

Deep in the Panama mountains
that summer was cool. 

The 9 month field trip
in a belly of water round
Mother, the chaperon maestro
conducting living beats. 

Silver liquid shared
filtered through lungs
the red nutrition of her 
giving me life in her Iowa belly. 

Today in every breath 
oxygen is rich ~ 

Her technicolor memory inhaled
consumed in lungs that return to her. 

by Elena Arosemena 

For my MOM, JoAnn Catherine Rodewald Arosemena. Tomorrow, 9/27/
would have been her 86th Birthday.